Makeup Trends for 2020

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Makeup is always changing that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. But, don’t worry because here we’ll share some makeup trends for 2020, so feel free to follow along! Makeup artists are saying that the eyes are the focus for this year. Following the Euphoria makeup effect (Euphoria is a tv show and if you haven’t seen it, we recommend that you do!), more makeup artists are experimenting with different eye looks that don’t exactly fall under what we’re used to, but are nonetheless gorgeous and eye-catching (pun intended). Below are some of the most popular makeup trends for 2020


Embellishments can mean pretty much anything you can stick on with glue. Think studs, glitter, pearls, diamantes etc. Your embellishments can be bold and daring or simple and subtle. Place glitter over your eyeshadow, studs on the corner of your eyes or along your eyeliner. Regardless, embellishments allow you to think outside the box.

Floating Eyeliner

Eyeliner no longer needs to remain on the waterline, instead, colour outside the lines. You can use this technique to experiment or enhance the features around your eyes. Get creative and place that eyeliner on your eyelid, exaggerate that wing just a bit more or add that extra line on top of your eyeliner.

Makeup-Skincare Hybrid

Over the past year, skincare has really stepped forward in the beauty game. So much so, that it was the main focus of last year’s makeup trends. This year, we combine makeup and skincare. The attention on skincare hasn’t gone away and makeup brands are making the most of that. A lot of brands have introduced makeup that focuses on skin first and how their makeup can enhance our skin rather than cover it up.

Softly Illuminated Complexion

That brings us to this next trend. This year, we are all about the “glow-from-within radiance”. Less focus on powdered products and more on cream-based, oils and highlighters. Skin is in, especially fresh, dewy and glowing skin.

Colourful Eyeliner

Say goodbye to black or brown eyeliner, enter neons and pastels. Colourful eyeliner is major this year. If you’re not completely comfortable with this trend yet (but trust us, you will be), you can start with soft colours like grey, burgundy or dark blue and work your way to brighter colours. Either way, this fun trend is a subtle way to add a touch of colour to your eyes without going overboard.

Watercolour Eyes

Building on from trend no. 5, makeup artists are saying that watercolour eyes are the prettiest makeup look this year. This effect makes your makeup look soft and dreamy, and the fun part is you don’t need to stick to just one colour! You can start off with pastels if you’re not feeling too adventurous, then eventually start adding brighter and bolder colours.

Blown-out Blush

We personally love this makeup trend! This technique gives you an all over flush, adding a feminine touch to your makeup look. Don’t just limit your blush to your cheeks but blend it out to your temples as well as your eyelids. It may sound overboard but look up some images of this chic trend and you’ll see why we fell in love with it!

Feathered Brows

We know, we know, this trend was introduced at least a few years ago, but didn’t really get picked up until last year. Well, good news! It’s carried into 2020, and we are loving it. Brows are an integral part to the makeup routine, but they no longer have to be sleek and sculpted (all the time). This tiny adjustment can make a huge impact to your look because our brows actually look like brows! More makeup artists are having fun with a brow pencil and just mimicking our natural hairs and enhancing it just little bit.

We are loving these makeup trends and are so excited to see more emerge throughout the year. Pop in and let us know what trend you’re feeling or which one you’d like to try; we’ll even whiten your teeth! (We’ve got an awesome promotion going on this month, so follow our socials to find out what it is). We’re located on Macquarie St (inside Fitness First) walking distance from the station and Westfield Parramatta, open 6 days a week, and we take after work bookings.

Photo by Anderson Guerra from Pexels