How to Stay Motivated

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Can’t believe we’re here already, a little over halfway through the year. Does anyone remember what happened in the past 6 months? Kidding, the memory’s not that bad yet.

It’s around this time that we re-evaluate our lives. We check to see if we’re still going in the right direction, and if not, how do we get back on track? This is also usually when the 2nd semester of university starts. Halfway through the year, a lot of questions pop up and sometimes it gets a little daunting.

Staying motivated to get on with our lives can be a tricky task, especially if something suddenly changes, but it doesn’t have to be. Here we explore a few tips and tricks to stay motivated to get through the rest of the year!

Try a different approach

If you’re feeling unmotivated, maybe you need to try something new. Everyone is different, and what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. If that’s the case, don’t freak, just try a different approach. Keep trying until you find a way that you’re comfortable with. That will not just motivate you but benefit you as well as you’ll be able to continue to achieve whatever goal you’ve set.

Visualise the result

If you’re questioning where you are in that particular moment and don’t know if you should continue, visualise the result. Visualise where you want to be/what you want to be doing at the end of the year/when you’ve achieved your goal. It sounds hard, but it helps. It will help you to see how far you’ve got to go and if that’s still the direction you want to be going in.

Ask why

If you’re questioning yourself and need motivation, ask yourself the most important question: why? Ask yourself why you’re doing these tasks and why you need/want to complete them. Once you get to the core of why you’ve chosen to do something, motivating yourself to continue will get easier.


This seems like common sense, but not everyone does it. Look at your tasks and divide them. Divide them into clear categories such as Urgent, Secondary and Long Term. Having clear priorities will help motivate you as you won’t feel so bombarded with a million things to do because you’ll have a clearer idea of when you need to get things done.

15-minute rule

If you’re having trouble starting a task, try the 15-minute rule. This is when you set your timer for 15 minutes and start a task. Do the task for 15 minutes and then stop, if you want. Usually, once we start something, we want to continue, and before you know it, you might have a completed task. It may not work for everyone but give it a go anyway.

Change location

Sometimes when we’re feeling stuck, it’s because we’re comfortable and somewhere familiar. Try going somewhere new, somewhere you don’t usually go to. You may find that different surroundings inspire creativity and motivation.

Set goals with rewards

Pretty straightforward this one. Set a goal for yourself, it doesn’t have to be big, just as long as it’s realistic. Then set a reward for when you achieve that goal. Usually, when we have something to look forward to, we’re more motivated to continue until we achieve our goal. Don’t get carried away though, try match your reward to your goal e.g. Goal: Complete half your assessment by the end of the week. Reward: Watch the new Lion King movie in the cinema with friends.

Cut distractions

This is a big one. Distractions prevent us from doing what we’re supposed to be doing, in turn piling up the work we need to do, and big piles of work turn us off, therefore, unmotivating us to complete them. It’s not always easy to cut distractions, so don’t just straight up say that you’ll turn off all your devices until you finish what you need to do (unless that works for you). Create specific blocks of time where you will turn off your devices (the ones you don’t need!), even if it’s only 30 minutes. That way, it’s gradual and eventually, you may be able to last even longer without them.

Stay positive – Don’t worry about what you can’t control – Recognize progress

This is also a big one. Sometimes when we bombard ourselves with questions and overthink things, we get a bit down. You must try to stay positive when motivating yourself to keep going and stop worrying about what you can’t control. There will always be things that are out of our control, so the best thing for you is to move past that and continue with what you need to do. You also mustn’t forget to recognize what you have achieved and the progress you’ve made. Any progress is good progress.

Make sure they’re your goals

Lastly, make sure the goals you set are yours. It’s well and good that you want to accomplish something to make your parents proud/get recognition at work, but it’s most important to do things for yourself as well. It seems like nothing feels greater than knowing you’ve accomplished a goal that’s just yours. There’s a difference between doing something nice for others and doing something you’re passionate about. If you’re unhappy or only doing it half-heartedly, it will be more difficult for you to motivate yourself compared to something you enjoy. So, when you set a goal, make sure it’s yours.

We hope these little tips can keep you motivated, at least until the end of the year! We’d love to hear how you stay motivated and what your goals are, and if your goal is to have a whiter and brighter smile, then we can certainly help with that! We’re located walking distance from the station and Westfield Parramatta (inside Fitness First), open 6 days a week, and we take after work bookings.

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