How to adjust to the ‘New Normal’

It’s sufficient to say that 2020 has brought on more challenges than we ever thought we’d face in the new year. So many sudden changes to our lifestyles, throw in anxiety and fear in the mix, 2020 truly has been a difficult year for us all. But it’s not over yet.

We’re halfway through the year and things are starting to look up. This isn’t blind optimism. We simply have to face the facts that things have changed and we’re now living what most people call the ‘new normal’.

What is the new normal?

The new normal is having to queue up everywhere you go. Keep a safe distance between another person. Public transport not being as packed on the way to work/school/home. Working from home. Not being able to go overseas for a holiday or visit loved ones. Public establishments only allowing a limited amount of people at a time. People wearing masks and gloves and doing a double-take every time someone coughs or sneezes. Washing our hands has become second nature.

Restrictions have begun easing up and we’re all doing our best to adjust. There are still some of us who are having trouble adjusting, anxiety creeps in and you’re not sure if it really is safer now that lockdown has eased. The important thing to remember is everyone gets through this situation at their own pace. There is no time limit. There are plenty of people who have actually expressed that they prefer to work from home instead of going back to the office. There are businesses still struggling to get back on track after being closed for almost 3 months. There are also businesses that have to remain closed until the government deems it safe enough. With all these changes still in place, how do we go about our daily lives?

There is no concrete answer. Only advice and guidelines which we can provide to help make that transition just a little bit easier.

  • Give yourself time to adjust. Just because everyone else is out and about now that restrictions have eased, doesn’t mean you have to be. If you’re still unsure about going out, don’t force yourself. Take time to think about what’s bothering you and take small steps to help you face those issues. It was a big adjustment being in self-isolation and now things are trying to go back to normal, but now you’re not sure what ‘normal’ is. Take time to think about what normal is for you and adjust accordingly.

  • Create a new routine. This helps if you’re still unsure. Create a routine that works for you and your current lifestyle. If you’re in a position to remain as you are, then by all means, continue until you are comfortable to slowly break out into society again.

  • Stay informed, but not alarmed. The pandemic isn’t over yet. Every day, something new could happen and change everything again. But don’t let that fact affect the way you live your life. Keep yourself informed of what’s going on, follow the guidelines that have been put in place, and it should be much easier to go about your daily lives.

  • Practice acceptance. Accept that this is how we live now. Accept that there is only so much you can do to stay safe and live a ‘normal’ life. Accept that you might not be able to see family and friends overseas until next year. Accept that work has changed. Accept that even though this was a trying time, you suddenly found yourself connecting with your family more. Accept that this pandemic forced you to look at what you have and appreciate it as you’ve never done before. Accept that it will take time to find your footing again, and that’s okay.

We’re all adjusting to the new normal. We’re all just getting by and doing the best we can.

We’re also so happy to say that we have finally re-opened! Please feel free to drop by, even just for a chat because we have greatly missed our Smile Labs Parramatta family!

We’re located on Macquarie St (inside Fitness First) walking distance from the station and Westfield Parramatta, open 6 days a week, and we take after work bookings. (Our hours have slightly changed, so check out our website to know more).