Activities You Can Do with Your Kids

School’s back which means the kids are again preoccupied with schoolwork. Even so, they’re still just at home and still have more free time after they’ve done their schoolwork. Especially now, family time is super important, which is why it’s important to always make time for the kids (big and small). You don’t have to organise anything outrageous because we all know it’s the little things that we remember most (and you need time for yourself as well).

Weekdays only leave a few hours until everyone must go to bed. Factor in dinner as well, here are some activities you can do with the kids that don’t require a lot of planning but guarantee the best memories.


If you’ve been on social media, you’ll know that almost everyone has tried baking something at least once in iso. It’s messy (especially with little kids) but fun and edible! Try something easy like chocolate chip cookies or brownies. Bake with the kids before dinner so you have dessert afterwards!

Movie Night

Yes, we consider this an activity. Movies are more fun with company, so choose something appropriate for everyone, make the popcorn and choose a seat. Because of school, movie nights are probably best done on a Friday night, just in case, it runs late (which it will).

Game Night

Who doesn’t love games? Especially board games! Those are always super fun and super competitive. We’re pretty sure every household has at least a few board games in stock, so why not bring them out and get playing. However, if you’re more into something modern, why not check your phone for games? Technology has really stuck with us during iso and made it easier for us to play with our friends and family who we can’t physically see. The best thing about game night is it gets everyone involved.

Art time

Keep your kids (and yourself) creative by organising art time: paint, draw, photograph, whatever you want. Let the kids get messy for an afternoon and bring out their inner creativity. You might be surprised at the results.


Restrictions on visitors have eased up, but travel hasn’t. If you have family or friends that you still aren’t able to see, organise a FaceTime sesh and just have a nice time catching up with everyone. This could also be a good chance for the kids to catch up with grandparents, cousins, friends etc. Connecting with the people you love is always important, and definitely a lesson to teach your kids.


Storytime doesn’t just have to be something you do before bed; it can be a little activity to wind down in the afternoon. Create a spot in the living room, pick the favourites and read. To make it more interesting for the little ones, you can get them to act out the story with you, so they feel really involved.


Not everyone is a green thumb, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t try and enjoy it. For the kids, try planting a little veggie garden or maybe a flower of their choosing. Help them plant it, teach them when to water it and watch it grow with them. Not only is this a fun activity that gets them involved, but it’s also a learning opportunity. Two birds, one stone

There you have it, some activities that you can do with your kids and don’t require a lot of planning. Family time should always be a priority, and thanks to little activities like these, it can be. Self-isolation is trying time for everyone. Restrictions are easing up, but there’s still anxiety and uncertainty in the air. Making time for your loved ones is the perfect cure.

Let us know what other activities you’ve done that was a hit with the kids (we love suggestions).

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Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah from Pexels