10 Wedding Trends for 2019

Our mission as teeth whitening specialists is to whiten as many beautiful smiles as we can and help prepare our clients for whatever reason they choose to whiten their teeth. We especially love if we can be a tiny part of someone’s big day. Weddings are simply our weakness.

Earlier this year, Smile Labs Parramatta owner Nelson got married, and it was certainly a night to remember.

Here we will look at 10 wedding trends that have taken place in 2019 and will probably spill into 2020. Some of these trends were actually present at Smile Labs Parramatta owner Nelson’s wedding.

1. Larger floral installations

If you’re stuck on decorations, no matter your venue, floral installations are vividly eye-catching and can be arranged to suit pretty much any colour scheme or theme. But larger installations aren’t just to fill space, they can also be statement pieces that might be more practical.

2. Personalised place settings

Personalised everything has quickly become a 2018 trend that moved into 2019 and will probably hang around for a while. Personalized place settings are a cute touch to any celebration and can sometimes even be the remembrance from that event (instead of a separate wedding favour). Some examples are: little messages, cute illustrations, alternate designs for each place setting or a little trinket at each one.

3. Bridal gown sleeves

Sleeves are making a comeback! Puffy, lace, ruffles, glitter, feathers, and so much more. Statement sleeves can elevate any outfit, even wedding dresses. You can opt for classy, simple or since it’s your big day, why not make a statement! The wedding dress trend for 2019 is no longer about the sweetheart or strapless, but the sleeves.

4. Sustainability

Look around, and you’ll see that sustainability is everywhere. Everyone is trying to help the environment by swapping plastic with paper and using more biodegradable materials. In 2019, weddings are no different. Eating utensils are made from biodegradable cardboard, small local businesses are supported, invitations are sent our electronically and food is organic.

Sidenote: Smile Labs Parramatta owner Nelson actually sent out his wedding invites electronically. They sent a link that brought guests to a website with all the details regarding the wedding and reception. Totally paperless!

5. Edgier colour schemes

Edgy or moody as some would describe them, colours such as burgundy, dark purple, black, brown and dark greens are coming into light as the main colour schemes for weddings this year. It’s refreshing to see unconventional colours making an entrance in the wedding game!

6. Experiences for guests

A classic wedding reception would include first dances, speeches, eating, drinking and dancing. 2019 is about vibes and experience. Some examples are: tarot card readers, crafting tables, circus performers (on a smaller scale, or big, up to you), and basically what you want to make your day memorable for everyone.

7. Statement wedding cakes – hand-painted

Pretty sure when guests go to a wedding reception, the wedding cake stands out and besides the bride’s dress, is gossiped about (no one likes bad wedding cake). The wedding cake is the centrepiece of the food, and what everyone is dying to taste by the end of the night. Hand-painted cakes are an especially popular trend, starting out with birthdays, they have made their move on weddings. That kind of artistry kinda doesn’t make you want to eat the cake (kind of).

Sidenote: Smile Labs Parramatta owner Nelson’s wedding cake was beautifully unique and simple. There was a quaint little cake surrounded by a tower of Krispy Kreme donuts simply decorated with lovely little flowers in between. Guests didn’t even need plates (you’re welcome environment).

8. Individual food stations/Charcuterie boards

Sit down dinners are becoming less of a thing at weddings, couples are instead setting up food stations so guests can roam freely and eat when (and how much) they want. A unique wedding menu I experienced was a buffet style food station, except everything was all breakfast food because the couple fell in love over numerous breakfast dates. Food stations are also a fun experience that can make your wedding much more memorable and maybe even save you money.

Sidenote: Smile Labs Parramatta owner Nelson had a lovely charcuterie station near the entrance of his reception and near the bar so guests could freely mingle while snacking. He also had a food truck which served a variety of dishes that served as the main. A very relaxed vibe throughout the whole night.

9. Velvet

Velvet + moody colour scheme = class. Something classy about those two combinations, I can just imagine seeing them at a wedding. Velvet as a trend doesn’t mean we’re talking about the drapes or tablecloth. Velvet at a wedding can mean the groom’s jacket, the ribbon around the place setting, the bride’s veil or the cushion on the chairs. 2019 is all about experimenting with different textures, and velvet is a great place to start. It’s a fabric that can be dressed up or down.

10. Alternative seating

Just like dinners, allocated seating is also becoming a thing of the past. We’re talking cushions on the floor, benches, smaller tables for anyone to sit at and even some lone chairs against the wall. If your wedding is more relaxed and non-traditional, alternative seating is the way to go. Don’t stress yourself about which family members you can’t sit together and let them figure it for themselves!

Sidenote: Smile Labs Parramatta owner Nelson had alternative seating at his wedding. There were 2 long tables that anyone could sit at, as well as lone chairs and benches in and out of the venue. The person you were talking to changed throughout the night, depending on how many times you moved seats.

There you have it! Mind you, these are only a handful of wedding trends for 2019. There is so much more out there, but we thought we’d condense it for you, so you’re not overwhelmed.

We’d love to hear what your wedding was like or will be like, and if any of these trends made the cut. So, come on into our salon and let us know! We’re located walking distance from the station and Westfield Parramatta (inside Fitness First), open 6 days a week, and we take after work bookings.

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