2019 Resolutions

Does anyone remember what happened to 2018? 2018 flew by faster than 2017, and here we are, in 2019. With time flying by so fast, it’s important to remember to take a breath and slow down. A new year means a fresh start and creating new resolutions. Always remember, your resolutions should reflect how you want to grow as a person to accomplish goals, and not what others expect from you. Whether the resolution is big or small, it should be one that has close significance to you, which can be worked on throughout the year.

There are plenty of ideas for resolutions, which vary depending on what aspect you prefer to focus on for the year.

Here are the 10 most shared resolutions for 2019.

1. Appreciate Yourself

Self-appreciation is important for personal growth, as being able to accept yourself as for who you are, allows you to assist others in learning to appreciate themselves in the same way. In having this mindset, we are able to carry out our lives, without being afraid of judgement from others.

2. Learn Something New

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is Power”. There is no limit to the number of things we can learn. Whether it be to develop your career, improve your lifestyle, or you simply have a hunger for learning new things; no matter what it is you learn, it empowers you to become a better version of yourself. When learning something new, you may discover an unknown passion, or be able to use that knowledge and skills to help others in need. The opportunities are endless!

3. Eat Better & Exercise More

The most common New Year’s Resolution, and also the hardest one to follow! Trying to become a healthier version of ourselves, mentally and physically, is important for self-care. Our minds and bodies co-exist; taking care of your body and having a balanced diet is not only good for our health, but also improves your mental health too. Lifestyle changes like this take time and perseverance, however, make sure you know your limits and seek professional advice before making any drastic changes.

4. Love

Love is a universal language, and the most beautiful form of gratitude. Be open to loving others this year in all aspects of your life, whether it be within friendships, family or with your significant other. Spreading love will not only make yourself feel better, but also others surrounding you.

5. Read A Book Once A Week/Month

Reading is the perfect activity when you want some self-care/downtime! If you don’t know where to start – it’s a good idea to ask for advice from local bookstore or browse through Top 10/Top 100 lists online and read reviews. Usually books have a lot more detail and background story than a movie, so if there’s a book-based movie that you loved, read the book version and indulge yourself deeper in the character! Nowadays, books can be hard-copy, electronic or even audio – so take your pick and get a start on this resolution!

6. Travel/Go On An Adventure

The world has endless wonders to discover. Turn your wanderlust from a desire to a reality. No matter how close or far, it can be adventure if you want it to be. Work those extra hours to save! Travelling doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; there are so many options available for ranging budgets. So, buy a world map and slowly pin each destination you’ve travelled. By the end of the year, see how many wonders of the world you were lucky enough to see!

7. Budget

You never know when you’ll need some extra cash – whether it be an emergency, or you forgot your mum’s birthday (oops!). It’s easy to budget with the good ol’ Microsoft Excel, with various templates available online. Break down your income, to cover expenses, spending and your desired savings amount. If your income varies each pay period, with the right formulas, it will automatically adjust accordingly.

Download this Budget Planner if you need some help getting started.

(ASIC, 2019)

8. Be On Your Phone Less

Did you know, according to researchers, that the high frequency in our phones increase stress levels and high mobile phone use is associated with sleep disturbances? Phones and developing technology have proven beneficial, particularly when networking across the world. However, this confronting information serves as a reminder that excessive phone use is more detrimental to your health than you realise. Take a moment, to appreciate what’s in front of you and spend time communicating with others face to face, rather than online. So many moments are missed when your eyes are glued to a screen, so if you don’t have the willpower to put your phone down, there are apps available on both Apple and Androids that can assist in limiting screen time, such as “Freedom”, “Space” or “Off the Grid”. Set your time-based limit and enjoy the outdoors!

9. Take Better Care of Yourself Mentally

Naturally, we get caught up in the whirlwind we call ‘life’. Busy schedules and life changes may often leave little room for us to take care of ourselves emotionally and spiritually. A “sickie” is not only for the days you have the flu, or you tripped on your kid’s toy and broke a bone, it is highly recommended to take these mental health days to take a step back and spend the day doing something you love. Burnout takes a toll both physically and emotionally, and it’s important to utilise these days to regenerate your body and mind and prepare yourself for what life has in store for you next. A simple conversation with a friend or family member may alleviate any stress and if you find it hard to understand how you’re feeling, speak to a professional. There is no shame in taking care of your mental health! There are also over the phone/online counselling services such as Beyond Blue or Headspace for the days life gets in the way a little too much.

10. Motivate Yourself

Motivate yourself to be a little better than you were last year, in all aspects of your life. You can accomplish anything, as long as you believe you can. Never think about how many steps it will take to get to your goal, rather, think of how proud you will be of yourself for achieving that goal. Remind yourself every day, so your motivation never falters. Set yourself daily reminders on your phone or put sticky notes around your room. Be creative!

Each person will have their own resolution for 2019. We’d love to hear what resolutions you’ve made for yourself, so come visit our Parramatta salon and get a whiter, brighter smile while you’re at it!

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We hope 2019 is the year for you. Why not start it out with a great smile!