Main Concerns Before Teeth Whitening

Naturally, people may have concerns regarding the impact of cosmetic whitening treatment on their teeth and health. As with all treatments, the effects of treatment will vary depending on the individual. This blog will cover the most frequently asked questions we have received, to provide clarity to our clients prior to treatment.

Fluoride Spots

After whitening treatment, some clients may find there are white streaks or marks on their teeth, commonly caused by possible discoloured areas of the enamel. However, not long post-treatment, as the teeth gradually rehydrate, these marks become less prominent.


Composite resin and porcelain doesn’t stain as easily as your natural tooth enamel, however discolouration can occur over time. As crowns and veneers are not natural teeth, whitening treatment can only return it to the original shade. Our Smile Labs clients who have undergone a whitening session with either a crown or veneer, however, have been satisfied with the results as there is not a greatly visible difference in shade, when comparing it with the natural tooth.

If you have any further concerns, it is best to speak to your dentist prior to treatment!


Not all clients will be affected by sensitivity, however, it is a common effect of teeth whitening that generally only lasts 24-48 hours post treatment, due to the hydrogen peroxide based agent. The whitening gel used by dentists contains 12% of peroxide on average, whereas our Smile Labs gel only contains 4%, to reduce the sensitivity on our clients teeth, and to improve their experience with treatment. Teeth sensitivity is particularly common with higher concentrations and longer contact with the agent, and it is recommended that for clients with naturally sensitive teeth, that you book a shorter session for initial treatment.

These are the main concerns past clients have had when inquiring about our service, and we hope this has been helpful in providing clarity prior to treatment. Whilst we can’t always guarantee flawless results, we strive to do the very best to take care of each of our clients and concerns they may have.

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