The Top 10 Wardrobe Staples Men Need for Winter

Okay, so the last blog post was dedicated to the women, but guys need to keep warm too right? Here we will list the top 10 winter wardrobe staples that are trending for guys. Given that you already have most of these items in your closet, it’s always nice to know you’re staying on trend.

Winter Boots I think that’s self-explanatory. Winter boots will help you get through the winter weather as they will keep your feet warm and protected, as well as take you through what winter has to offer, which is mostly cold and…cold. They’re sturdy enough to last the 3 months (probably even the next winter seasons) and stylish enough that they’ll go with most of your outfits.

Gloves Gloves are a must-have. Leather ones are preferable as the material can withstand the winter cold and match with most outfits. If leather’s not your thing then wool gloves are always a good choice.

Jumper/Sweater This item is a major staple, not just for winter. Great layering piece or it can be worn on its own if the material is thick enough. There are hundreds of styles and it’s a very easy item to dress up or down. For winter, wool and cashmere are the types of jumpers/sweaters that you want to opt for. They’re thick enough to keep you warm and thin enough to layer.

Scarf Like gloves, scarves are just common sense. Dark colours such as black, navy and grey are perfect as they go with most colour combinations. Also, if you’re attending a more formal event, these colours don’t stand out too much.

Cardigan Cardigans can be stylish. Neutral colours and patterns are a safe choice for winter, however, some of the funky prints also look good when paired with a basic. They’re also an alternative if the weather’s a little warmer and you don’t feel like wearing a jacket.

Beanie Beanies have been around forever. They keep your head warm and are trendy as well. There’s also nothing complicated about them, you just put them on your head and that’s it. Of course, look for the ones that don’t make your head itchy.

Overcoat Something a little more formal, but you can still wear on an everyday basis. Overcoats will keep most of your body warm and polish up your look a little if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Socks You’re probably wondering why this is on the list. Socks aren’t just a staple, they’re a necessity. But, we’re not just talking about your ordinary white/black socks you wear with everyday shoes, we’re talking about the wool, cashmere, funky patterned socks that look fun when they’re showing a little under your pants. Patterned socks are a staple in men’s fashion that will probably stay throughout fashion history. Get yours.

Parka Jacket If you don’t know what a parka is, it’s basically a coat/jacket with a hood that’s lined with fur (but since we love animals, faux fur). It's heavily insulated and the perfect winter jacket if you want to survive. It’s still stylish despite its bulky nature. Colour choices mostly consist of black, navy or army green, but they’re smart colours because they go with anything.

Roll Neck This is just another way of saying turtleneck. Good for work if you don’t feel like wearing a shirt and tie all the time (and if you’re allowed), or good for every day under a casual jacket or blazer if you’re wearing it at night. It’s also another good layering piece, especially for the colder days.

There you have it guys. Your top 10 winter wardrobe staples. Going through this list, you’ll notice you probably have most, if not all these items in your closet. That means you know your staples and trends well. Wardrobe staples are usually meant to take us through countless seasons before they give in, but I find winter staples are extremely important as they can be a bit, to begin with, and most importantly have the main function of keeping us warm through winter. That being said, it’s better to invest in something a little more expensive but at least it's good quality.

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