5 Tips For Taking the Best Selfie

Selfies as defined in the Urban Dictionary as a style of photography where the photographer’s own face is included in the photograph and held by the photographer.

1. Lighting

Having a solid light source is an essential part of taking any kind of photograph, and selfies are no different. If you try to take a selfie in a dimly-lit room or one with harsh fluorescent lighting, it won't turn out the way you want it to. Natural light is the most flattering kind, so try to take your selfie near a window or outdoors.

2. Know Your Face

Whether it’s angling your camera to one side of your face over the other, duckface pout, extending your neck to hide double chin, or holding the camera a bit higher than face level. Practice and know what position flatters your face the most.

3. Edit, Crop + Filter

Image is not 100% but you want to post it online anyways? All the social platforms have edit functionality and filters – use it. There was bad lighting, change the shadows. You want your face to sit in the middle of the shot, adjust the rotation. Play around with features, download photo editing apps, the options and results are limitless.

4. Get a Selfie Stick

It seems weird to use a selfie stick at first, but there's a reason you see them all over the place–they make the photos look really good! It captures more of you, the background you’re trying to take a photo of and gets rid of the ‘extended arm in the photo’ look.

5. Have Fun With It

Don’t forget to smile, show some expression, grab some props or some people whatever it may be, don’t take yourself too seriously. A great selfie is usually one that’s spontaneous and fun.

With the increase of “selfies” taken it’s no wonder people have become more conscious of how they look in their selfies, particularly their smiles. Who doesn’t want a whiter smile? Take a selfie today for National Selfie Day and see if your smile could do with a little help. If it does why not come into our Parramatta salon and we can give you a brighter smile in just 1 hour. We’re located walking distance from the station and Westfield Parramatta, (inside Fitness First) open 7 days a week, and we take after work bookings. To book click here.