Do Different Shades of Lipstick Make Your Teeth Look Whiter?

Lipstick has been around for a very long time, you could say it’s a daily essential. It’s only these past couple years that it’s been noticed that certain shades of lipstick help make your teeth look whiter. Sometimes we can’t always afford to get our teeth whitened when we want, so knowing what shades of lipstick to use can be a handy little trick. In this post, we will look at what shades to use and what shades to stay away from.


Pink is generally a safe colour for those who don’t really like bold-coloured lipsticks. However, there are certain pinks that you should stick to and some you should avoid. You should lean more towards berry pinks than those that are yellow/orange based. Berry pinks help teeth appear slightly whiter while yellow/orange based pinks tend to accentuate the yellow colour in teeth.


Red is the lipstick colour that provides the greatest whitening effect. Most red lipsticks are blue-based which benefits the appearance of your teeth as deep colours reflect off your smile boosting the brightness and whiteness of your teeth. Like pink lipstick, you should stay away from orange-y reds or yellow/orange based.


Nude coloured lipstick is another safe choice; however, you should try pick pink nudes rather than brown nudes as brown makes your teeth appear slightly more yellow.


Darker shades of lipstick will generally make your teeth appear slightly yellower, especially if they are brown-hued. It is better to choose dark lipsticks that are either blue-based or berry-hued as like red lipsticks, they reflect off your smile and help your teeth appear whiter. Brown-hued lipsticks highlight the yellow tones in your teeth therefore not being a good colour choice.

Going through these main lipstick colours, you may notice a similarity in all of them: Choose blue-based, avoid yellow/orange based. Would you believe the explanation for this goes back to art? I don’t know if you remember learning about the colour wheel, but that is how we can determine which shades of lipstick to use and which ones to avoid.

Blue and orange sit across from each other on the colour wheel. Blue tends to cancel out orange/yellow tones when they are put together, vice versa. So, blue-based lipsticks will cancel out the yellow undertones in the teeth, hence making them appear whiter. Yellow/orange based lipsticks will cancel out the blue, thus removing the contrast and instead bring out the unwanted yellow appearance in teeth.

Who would’ve thought that certain lipsticks help the appearance of teeth?

Still, it wouldn’t hurt if your teeth were already a little whiter. Come on into our Parramatta salon or make a booking with us and get a whiter and brighter smile! We’re located walking distance from the station and Westfield Parramatta, (inside Fitness First) open 7 days a week, and we take after work bookings.