Salon Teeth Whitening Treatment versus Home Kits?

There are many affordable teeth whitening products on the market today, particularly home kits. With so many different brands all offering similar kits, it’s understandable why purchasing one would be a confusing decision. But before you buy one, we’ve identified four main reasons why a home kit might not be the best option.

1. Professional technician completes the process

The main obvious difference between a salon teeth whitening treatment versus a home kit is that a professional technician completes the whole process for you. Your technician will be able to explain the whole procedure, answer all your concerns, administer the treatment, monitor you throughout your session to ensure no pain or discomfort and will provide you post care information.

With home kits you are sent instructions to follow, and they assume you’ve understood them clearly and followed them correctly.

2. Higher grade of hydro peroxide than take home kits

Although not as high as dentist grade, salons are able to stock higher grades of hydro peroxide than home kits because treatment is administered by a technician. Hydro peroxide is the active ingredient that helps in the teeth whitening process.

3. One Treatment

Most take home kits have several treatments included with the pack for multiple treatments. You are instructed to complete a few treatments when you first get your pack to see results.

Our salon treatment only need one treatment to see visible results and lasts around 6-12 months depending on the person’s health and lifestyle.

4. No Teeth Guard or Tray Moulding Required

Some take home kits require you to create a plastic mould of your teeth first before you can even start the teeth whitening process. Creating teeth moulds can be tricky and whilst there are instructions included with most kits, a misread or interpreted step may result in ruined moulds. In addition, moulds and trays press the whitening solution on your gums for an extended period which may cause irritation.

At Smile Labs, we don’t need to create teeth moulds or trays. We administer the gel solution directly onto your teeth and with the use of mouth retractors, keeping your mouth open and exposed to our blue Infinity™ Pro SL whitening light.

To get your teeth visibly whitened in an hour and performed by a professional technician, why not come into our Parramatta salon. We’re located walking distance from the station and Westfield Parramatta, (inside Fitness First) open 7 days a week, and we take after work bookings.