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Here at Smile Labs Sydney, our passion and focus is to give our clients a reason to show off their extraordinary smile because we believe that their smile is the best thing they can wear!

We are the teeth whitening experts who have your back! We provide an experience that is comfortable, enjoyable, painless and guaranteed whiter results. So whether you have a special event or just want to have a brighter smile - we want to help you make those special moments happier!

Come and join the Smile Labs family!

The Salon

Our small yet cozy salon is based in the CBD of Parramatta, inside Fitness First. Our aim is to provide a very comfortable experience throughout your whole treatment. This includes explaining every part of the procedure to make sure you understand what is happening.

Sit you down in our state of the art leather chairs, so you can lay back and relax while and we also give you tv shows or movies to watch so you don't lose your mind just laying down. The chairs are specifically placed in the direction that will provide privacy during your treatment. 






The Treatment






Utilising a dental grade teeth shade guide, we determine the current colour of your teeth - so then after we can differentiate the results at the end of the treatment

The Teeth Shade Guide


The Teeth Whitening Gel

Our photosensitive and specifically formulated gel has a blend of active ingredients to deliver maximum whitening results in the shortest amount of time. 

The gel is enamel safe, painless and is only applied directly on the teeth with our patented Applia Brush™


The LED Light

Our blue Infinity™ Pro SL whitening light, accelerates and enhances the teeth whitening process by activating the teeth whitening gel


Our Experience

What People Say

Took hubs for a surprise teeth whitening premium session as a valentines day gift. After his first session, he went 12 shades lighter!! He's a coffee drinker + a smoker so the difference was insane. He also didn't report any sensitivities so that's A++. Definitely, recommend and will book in for myself when I get the chance.

Thanks, guys for the great service & treatment

- Mel


I’m glad I randomly found smile lab Parramatta on Instagram. I went in on Friday for the premium session and it was my first time getting my teeth whitened. Niki was fantastic, explaining everything and making me feel comfortable. The hour went by quickly as I had my own iPad to watch T.V.
When it was all done I was 8 shades lighter and extremely happy.​

- Patricia


I had my first session today and I can't even put into words how happy I am with the results. Thank you!!! I went 10 shades lighter in one session! Nelson is awesome and made the whole process easy and comfortable. I will be going back and definitely recommending this to everyone! Believe the hype!

- Kiri


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